Are Permanent Eyelashes Designed To Last You A Lifetime? Let’s Find It Out Here!

Having trouble with scanty eyelashes? Tired of using artificial eyelash extensions to make your eyes look more attractive? Then try enhancing the beauty of your eyes by going in for permanent eyelash extensions as a lasting solution.

Permanent eyelashes naturally increase the growth and length of your eyelashes and have become extremely popular with women world over. This is a surgical method performed to make your eyelashes longer. Hair follicles from certain parts of your body are transplanted to your eyes and are trimmed and curled often to keep them healthy and new. On an average 20-40 hairs are implanted in each eyelid in a procedure that lasts for a couple of hours.  Once the implants are done, the results are dynamic and very effective.


  • The procedure is very expensive.
  • Need to get lash perms done regularly to avoid curling them often.
  • Have the characteristics of the hair from where they were transplanted.
  • Mild reactions post surgery



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