Modern Kitchen Decor Trends For A Complete Makeover For Your Kitchen  


The kitchen is the heart of a house. It is the room with maximum utility and value. So, doing it up with contemporary and modern kitchen decor ideas will not only give it a great look but will make cooking easy and fun.

What’s out?

Before you start bringing in new ideas and stuff, it always makes sense to do away with the old and not so happening stuff.

  • Stainless sinks and taps are out making way for dark and heavy duty sinks which are easy to maintain.
  • Open storage spaces are out and concealed storage spaces are in.
  • Handles are out and handle-less kitchens are in.

What’s in?

This is the age of invention and technology.  Make your kitchen the most happening and state-of-the –art place in the house by doing it up with ideas which are trending all over the world.

  • Invisible charging spots for all your gadgets are in and visible charging points are out.
  • Extensive use of texture and patterns to add warmth and exclusiveness is in and smooth and plain is
  • Dual color schemes are in and single color schemes are out.
  • Colorful and bright appliances are in and dull and matte finish appliances are out.

Keep these trending kitchen ideas in mind whenever your kitchen needs its next makeover.


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