PPC Advertising: How Well Do You Know Your Niche?

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How well do you know your niche? To be a successful pay per click advertiser you need to know a little more about your niche than just the popular keywords. But you should stay on top of those keywords because the popular keywords for any niche will fluctuate from month to month. Are you taking advantage of those?

There are a few ways you can stay on top of the popular keywords for your niche. One way is to consult Technorati. If your niche is politics, entertainment, real estate, or another popular category like that then it will be easy to see the latest information on what people are searching for on Technorati. But it also helps to be able to know the latest popular keywords for your niche if your niche is not so popular.

You may not necessarily bid on the most popular keywords. Everyone else is doing that. But you should know what they are so that you can leverage them. Search for less popular but related keywords and bid on those instead. The traffic may not be as high, but the competition you will face as an advertiser will be lower. It will be easier to break in the door. All it takes is knowing a little bit about the playing field within your niche.

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