It’s the Batman vs Superman equivalent of online Marketing. Both hero’s, both entirely different.

But what happens when you put them together? Can they work in tandem or will they simply battle it out?

With Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice dropping later this year, you’ll have to wait for the comic book answer. But when it comes to search engine marketing, wait no longer…

Does PPC Help SEO?

Technically, no.

Your PPC doesn’t affect your SEO. You won’t receive higher organic rankings, and Google won’t give you a favourable nudge for being a high spender; something I believe is 100% fair. People are often suspicious of Google and think they conjure up dark arts behind the scenes. Utter rubbish in my opinion.

Google have teams of people dedicated to eradicating poor advertisers, businesses and websites. And that’s whether they spend $250 or $250k per month. That’s right, I had a client spending $250k per month on Adwords, which they permanently turned-off overnight, simply because of the nature of their business. So if you think they’d risk their 18 year reputation for the sake of wining and dining their highest spenders, think again.

So PPC doesn’t help SEO at all?

Well actually…

PPC is the best keyword research tool you could possibly have for you SEO. Why? Because it gives you actual data as opposed to estimates. Sure, keyword tools are very useful, but also very limited in longtail searches. This means you’re missing out on keywords with low competition and high customer intent – perfect for your SEO strategy!

If you’re unfamiliar with longtail keywords, they are searches over 4 words. For example: how to write PPC ad copy (follow link to read article).

How to use PPC to help your SEO

So, what do you actually need to do?

Build a specific research campaign within Adwords, using Broad Match Modifier keywords. For example in my account, I use the following keywords to understand questions people have about PPC and Google Adwords:

  • +how +to +adwords 
  • +what +ppc
  • +why +pay +per +click

These trigger searches like:

  • ‘how to build a campaign in adwords’
  • ‘what is a good ppc bidding strategy’
  • ‘why don’t my pay per click ads show’

Then simply turn these topics into blog posts and answer the question. As a result you’ll:

  • Rank highly for longtail searches
  • Build up your traffic
  • Position yourself as an industry expert

So coming back to the original question does PPC help SEO? – You bet it does. Just not directly 🙂

Read on to part 2 – Does SEO help PPC?

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