Urchin Finally Out Of Beta

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If you’ve been using Google Analytics then you’re already familiar with Urchin. That’s because when Google purchased the analytics software they changed the name and made it Google Analytics. Now, the standalone version is out of beta and ready to be used.

Why would you want to use the standalone version? Privacy.

Yep, by using your own standalone version of Google Analytics you can keep all of your information out of Google’s hands. You can still analyze all of your websites, just as you do now, and make important decisions regarding your Web business using the same analytics tools that you use now and do it by installing your own software onto your own server. The downside? It costs $3,000.

Of course, Google Analytics is free. The standalone version is also free – for 30 days. I figure, it’s worth a try. And if you like it then is your privacy worth three grand?

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